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Project plan

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  • Application
    January - February 2019
  • Selection & Orientation
    February 2019
  • Theoretical Course
    March - April 2019
  • Sound Recording Training
    May 2019
  • Script Writing Workshop
    June - July 2019
  • Photography Course
    August - September 2019
  • Filming and Recording Training
    October 2019
  • Video Editing Training
    November - December 2019
  • Rap Workshop
    November - December 2019
  • Rap Song Production
    January 2020
  • Video Stories Production
    February - March
    April 2020
  • Distribution Workshop
    May 2020
  • Final Event - Screening
    of Films



video stories





1M +

Independent Media : Raising Youth Voices

This project aims at sharing stories about women's daily life and challenges in order to support freedom of expression using different mediums. It will be carried out in phases: the first one is the recruitment of the youth, the next phases are to introduce them to different media forms and basic production techniques (creating synopsis), subsequently the other phases will be educating them and training them into different subjects in video training and human rights. Upon completion of these phases, participants will work on final productions. The topics will be chosen by the youth themselves. The final pieces will be published on social media, platform and by screening in different places.
Then, the production will be distributed locally and internationally so the youth’s voices will reach wider audiences. The project will also be documented by Shoruq’s media team to be shared with other young girls and organizations to reach a wider impact.

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What to expect

Learn by Doing

We want to help media students on their projects and at the same time learn new film skills. Our aim is to help young women grow through informed decision making and expression methods.

Challenge yourself

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you". Admission is competitive. Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, broaden your perspectives, engage with your peers and win prizes and awards.

Continuous Support

We continue to offer a suite of services to keep our trainees on track. Several services remain available for students as alumni of Raising Youth Voices Trainers and Shoruq Staff.


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Shoruq Organization

Shoruq Organization was founded in 2012 in Dheisheh Refugee Camp in Occupied Palestine. Shoruq’s vision, mission, objectives and programs are geared towards a political, social, cultural and economical prosperity and dignified life for all refugees in Occupied Palestine and the Diaspora, and empowering refugees in shaping a just solution and a better future for themselves and their offspring.

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