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Zohair Tmaiza

Zohair Tmaiza


Zohair Tmaiza is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker. He is the winner of the 2011 ARIJ, Award( Arab Investigative journalism) for the second best investigative report (Angels in the dock). He is also a trainer in communication skills and dealing with media. He worked as the Deputy Director of (MAAN) News Network for four years. He has been an editor and editorial board member of several local newspapers and radio and TV stations. Zohair has dozens of documentaries, investigative reports and press reports.

Email : zohairtmezi@yahoo.com

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Shoruq Organization was founded in 2012 in Dheisheh Refugee Camp in Occupied Palestine. Shoruq’s vision, mission, objectives and programs are geared towards a political, social, cultural and economical prosperity and dignified life for all refugees in Occupied Palestine and the Diaspora, and empowering refugees in shaping a just solution and a better future for themselves and their offspring.

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